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Wait few seconds while we make personalised aasan and workout plan only for you based on your goal and health condition.


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Perform breathing, workout and yoga in a fun and interactive way with ensuring correct posture. Find workout partner, plan live workout, see scores and share your health profile and lot more!

Here's what's in it for you

Things you will get right out of the box with MPYG.


Learn powerful breathing excersize and increase your lung capacity to stay protected from corona.


Get personalized yoga plan based on your health condition & health goal. Practice it in presence of personal AI guru!


Filled with worries and stress? Try out our curated powerful meditation program and let your all worries down.

Stretch Break

Increase your working productivity & track your concentration while working with our smart tracker. Manage your all day task at single place & practice neck and back excersize during work break.

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Beta Feedbacks

MPYG is a revolutionary platform which can be future of yoga studio. I'm in love with this engaging yoga platform.

- Suresh rai, Amazon SDE

We've become fanboys! Easy to use, very engaging and personalized yoga plan is amazing feature. Amazed to see how it corrects wrong posture.

- Abhishek singh, Professional

This is exactly what I'was looking for. There was lot of confusion regarding which aasan i should do and whether I'm doing with correct rhytm of breathing. It solved all my worries.'

- Sushma roy, Designer

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Our Mission

We are India's first Artificial Intelligence and Augmented reality-based community yoga platform. We are eliminating the problem of injury risk related to unmonitored and non-personalized Yoga based on one's own health condition and needs. Our mission is to create a difference in the life of one million people across the globe through India's vast knowledge of yoga by 2023.

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